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About Star Modular

Star Modular Belting

Based in East Kilbride we supply modular belts to the whole of the UK and Ireland. We are the UK agents/distributors for Hongs Belt of Shenzhen in China who are the third largest modular belt company in the world.

We hold stocks in the UK of all of the main types of belt, backed up by an exceptional range of products from the factory. Star plastic modular belts are assembled in a bricklay pattern. This allows for the construction of virtually any width and length. Our custom-made belts are available with flights and side guards as an integral part of the belt, and are secured with full-width hinge rods in a variety of materials.

Star Modular Belting

Every belt's a specialist

Our system consists of different series functionally designed for diverse conveying and processing tasks. Joining the individual modules together makes them flexible and endless.

For our customers this means, variable widths and lengths to suit your existing conveyor or new build, simple repair of belts, lower inventories

Existing machinery can be easily converted to take Star Modular Belts. Apart from the standard colours, any colour is available on request.

The belts are positive drive (no slip) low noise and long lasting and manufactured to FDA and EU food contact standards From our facility in Scotland we service the whole of the UK & Ireland, we also have sales agents throughout the UK.